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more attention for interactive post

compared to traditional, Facebook IQ

7 of 10

top publications were interactive

US, January - June 2017, SimilarWeb

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    Just select your preferences - format, goals or target audience - and AI-powered assistant will show you the best options to rocket start new publishing

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    Professionally crafted publishing tools help spread your content fast. Add widgets, create stand-alone page or email campaign to attract visitors and assert attention.

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    Interactive formats empowers people to express themselves. Grow leads or subscribers base and use collected profiles to deliver personalized experience and tailored offers.

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    Smart real-time analytics shows immediate impact and helps you stay in-touch with audience. Track engagement at every stage and scale best practices to maximize outcome.

  • Learn best practices and iterate

    Staffwriter tracks performance across the web to discover most successful ideas and patterns. And converts it into meaningful insights on your dashboard. Start over and repeat success.







Text games



Live contests

Live panels

Interactive maps

for Publishers

for Brands

Embed widgets

Our widgets perfectly fits into your pages - from fun posts to long-reads. Customize widget style - and new interactive elements will always look native on your site

Enhance your existing content marketing channels with embedded interactivity to create two-way communication and win customers loyalty

Stand-alone pages

Making special project was never easier. Choose visual theme and put a collection of interactive widgets. And that's it - your specials become live and thriving

Planning a product launch, event announcement or promotion? Run live panels, feature matchmakers, contests and excite your customers

"Using interactive experiences was a foundation for us from the very beginning. This key differentiator helped us to compete with industry leaders. In-house programming may not be affordable for small editorials, so such a platform is a natural step towards a future of mass media.


Meduza project, russian independent media

"As a recommendation system, we see increased interest in interactive promotions. Live subjects always win against static text and pictures. Major labels have been spending whopping budgets for content marketing. Bringing that interactivity powerhorse to masses is a game-changing challenge.


Intento, AI based content recomendations platform

of marketers and editors already using interactive content

say interactive content adoption will significantly grow in next years

of budget and simple tools is the top reason that prevents adoption. 62% agree that affordable tools would become the key enabler

All data source - Content Marketing Institute - The symphony of connected interactive marketing - 2017 Research

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