Scripted formats

Use scripting system and variables to create scenes and connections between them, add various endings. Build games, guides, tests, calcs, polls, feeds and more.

Personalized experiences

With simple yet powerful formulas, put math behind the scenes, build dynamic app flow, calculate estimations and deliver personal solutions with added value.

Interactive modeling

Enrich interface with various input and output elements to build tweakable models, so that users can play within app scenes, discover trends and find insights.

Participation platfrom

Save partial and final results, enable progress tracking, let them finish later, setup competitions and scoreboards, so there is a reason to come back.

Feeds & Live updates

Post real-time updates, add more scenes or interactions to the story, send notifications to keep users engaged with latest developments on a topic.

Start creating interactive projects. No coding or design skills required.

Our tools are simple and smart. Enjoy quick ramp-up and guidance, from ideation till publishing.


Choose predefined template or mix and match your own set of scenes to build custom app flow.


Add content for scenes, setup formulas & interactions, customize design to fit your brand style.


Copy the ready-to-use embed code into your CMS, or publish as a stand-alone full-page app.