Scripted formats

Use scripting system and variables to create scenes and connections, that organize user & data flows. Build step-games, guides, tests, calcs, polls, feeds and more.

Personalized experiences

With simple yet powerful formulas, put real math behind the scenes, quantify, estimate, show results and deliver personalized solutions with added value, in live UI.

Interactive modeling

Enrich app flow with responsive UI items to build tweakable models, so that users can play with elements in app cards, discover trends and find insights.

Participation platfrom

Save custom user data in each session, enable progress tracking, let them finish later, setup competitions and scoreboards, so there is a reason to come back.

Feeds, Stats & Live updates

Make new cards pop-up without page reload, display stats and aggregates, send notifications to keep users engaged with latest developments on a topic.

Your own interactive content studio, up & running for your works in seconds.

Full-page formats and embeddable widgets to revitalize existing sites.

The complete toolkit for interactive production, from ideation till publishing.

Built-in interactions recorder and analytics to capture user data and extract insights.