New experiences for your audience

"...instead of putting out dozens of interviews with Uber drivers, we decided to create a game - a chance for our readers to discover all the obstacles on a drivers' job, so to raise compassion and social attention towards community..."

Designed to present brighter stories

"Puerto Rico tragedy was heartbreaking, but not for the government to provide enough help. With this simulator we showed how small donations, worth a cup of coffee, translate into real impact. We motivate readers to step in and help."

And build growing loyal community

We prepare educational guides for our tourists. Using only text and pictures, it's hard to showcase dynamic trends, like weather or path difficulty changes. With added interactivity, we showed indicators along with waypoints towards summit...

Craft a perfect format for your specific needs

Break out of templates, that limit your creativity. With a rich set of building blocks you can assemble highly customized interactive widgets and deliver unique formats for each new story.










Graded tests

Build yours

Start creating interactive projects. No coding or design skills required


Choose predefined template or mix and match your own set of cards to build custom app.


Add cards content, setup interactions and customize design to fit your brand style.


Copy the ready-to-use embed code into your CMS, or publish as a stand-alone full-page app.

Maintain the highest quality storytelling

We work with experienced authors to find best practices in interactive storytelling. Backed by that knowledge, our AI assistant guide you with the finest approach to meet high quality publication standards.